Pipe Welding Manipulator for Column & Boom

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Max Eccentricity Distance
Tilting Angle
Welding Turning Rolls Type
Welding Tilter Type
Flexible Combination
Effective Horizontal Travel
Effective Vertical Travel
Rotating Angle
Rotating Mode
Boom Elevation Speed
Boom Extension Speed
Frequency Inverter Brand
Taiwan Taian
Motor Brand
England Innvertek Brand
Main Components
Submerged Arc Welding Machine
America Lincoln DC-1000
Alternating Current
Transport Package
Sea Worthy Package
Shanghai, China
Production Capacity
30sets Per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
150.00cm * 150.00cm * 150.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description

Technical Specificatin For Pipe Welding Manipulator (Column & Boom):

Composition of a complete set
Fixed base
Lifting system
Extension system
Manual rotation system
Anti drop
Head corner
Control system
Cross minitrim device
Maintenance ladder
Saddle(for optional)
Flux recovery device (for optional)
Submerged arc welding machine (for optional)
Product Performance
This manipulator contains boom, column, guide solid, base platform, and the electric control.
On the top of column there is a lifting motor, it can lift the boom up and down for the welding. It adopts the brake motor, so the boom can fixed the position accurate and reliable. On the column there are some holes, when the lift chain is broke, the safe device will move to hole. So the boom won't fall down.
Boom connects the column by the guide soild, so it can move up, down, left and right. On the head of the boom there is a cross minitrim device. The way of boom extension is frequency conversion, high mechanism precision. So it need less maintenance and have long life. Because of closed way of lubricating system. It can reduce the splash, dust and other no use thing. The guide rail on the boom and column are all rectangle shape, It machining, grinding then annealing. So it will be more firm and smooth.
The guide soild connect with the balance lump by the chain, So the boom can keep balance for elevation. It will be more reliable.
On the platform base there is a turn support. The column can be turned by manual. Cross minitrim system with motorized slide can realize welding torch in three-dimensional adjust, which satisfy welding torch adjust for welding longitudinal and circular seam, 100mm adjust range can make the easy operation.
There are limited switch for extension and elevation, make sure the safety operation. At the same time matching with overloading, over current, under voltage and short circuit protect. When something happen, there will be an alarm.
If customer wants, there is a saddle near the welding head, easy to control the variational seam and change.

Supply Range
Welding manipulator: 2 sets (contain: Column, boom, guide solid and base, etc)
Electric control: 2sets (contain: Electric box, manual control box and cable)
Lincoln submerged arc welding machine DC-1000 2 SETS
Flux recovery device 2 SETS
Technical information: 2sets (contain: Technical manual, Certification)

Technical Specs For 200 T Adjustable Welding Rotator
The welding rolls frame of ZT, KT series designed and manufactured by the company absorbs domestics and overseas advantages of similar products. It is designed and manufactured according to using requirements for pressure vessel manufacturers. The product is applicable for manual welding and automatic welding of metal cylinder. It is featured with advanced technology, reliable quality, easy operation and other advantages.
Main Performance And Specifications
The rolls frame is classified into adjustable and self-adjustable types. Each set of rolls frame is comprised of a driving mount and a driven mount. Two worm reducers of the driving wheel is synchronous operation. The reducer is made up of frequency changing motor, frequency changer and etc., featured with low noise, stable turning of work pieces. When linear velocity of work piece turning is 6M/hour to 60M/hour, central distance of adjustable or self-adjustable rolls frame can be adjusted upon customers' demand. Clamp frame of the self-adjustable rolls frame can be self-adjusted with corresponding diameter of working pieces to save labor force and increase working efficiency.
Model PPAWM3*3
Effective Horizontal Travel 3000mm
Effective Vertical Travel 3000mm
Rotating Angle ±180°
Rotating Mode Manual
Boom Elevation Speed 1m/Min
Boom Extension Speed 0.12-1.2m/Min
Frequency Inverter Brand Taiwan TAIAN
Reducer Brand ZHEJIANG Province Brand
Motor Brand England INNVERTEK Brand
Main Components SIEMENS
Submerged Arc Welding Machine America Lincoln DC-1000
Flux Recovery Device Jiangsu Brand
Flux Recovery:  
Horizontal Recovery Distance 8000mm_15000mm
Vertical Recovery Distance 5000mm_7000mm
Air Power above 0.6Mpa
HorizontalTransmitting Distance 8000mm_25000mm
Weight 150kg
Feeder Flux (Kg/Min) 2_20
Heat Power 3kw
Voltage 415V/380V
Size(L*W*H)Mm 900*500*1100
200 T Adjustable Welding Rotator:  
Model: KT-150
Max. Loading Weight (T) 200
Applicable Cylindrical Diameter (mm) F600-6000
Wheel Diameter and Width(mm) 300 (steel wheel)
Wheels diameter (mm) 700
Roller Liner Velocity (m/h) 6-60
Power of Motor(kw) 2*4
Distance Adjustable Type Screw adjustable

Pipe Welding Manipulator for Column & Boom
Pipe Welding Manipulator for Column & Boom
Pipe Welding Manipulator for Column & Boom
Pipe Welding Manipulator for Column & Boom


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